To transfer your pictures and video files wirelessly to your PC, you need to complete the following steps.

(The BLUE procedure will only need to be completed one time since the settings are saved for future use.)


On your PC:

a. Create a folder «pixavi» under c:/
b. Right click folder «pixavi» and select «sharing»

c. Click «share», type «everyone» and click «add»
d. Select read/write under permission level and click «ok»
e. Click start-button and type “Sharing Center”
f. Click the “Network and Sharing Center” icon
g. Click “Change advanced sharing settings” in the left panel
h. Turn off “Password protected sharing” and click “Save Changes”

On your Xcaster:
Step 2

a Go to the available networks menu and select connect to the same wireless network as the PC
b Go to Setup -> Settings -> Video Settings and change Media File Destination to Network. Click OK.
c In the Media file storage menu, fill in Destination path "PC IP address /pixavi" (example: Leave the other fields blank, and click OK.
d The Xcaster will now connect to the PC. When the "Browse network folder" menu is displayed, click OK.
e To transfer the files from the Xcaster to the PC, go to Setup -> Settings and click "Sync to PC".

When the sync operation is complete, the transferred files will appear under the folder named pixavi.


The above configuration steps in blue will only have made once, and do not need to be repeated when transferring files after the initial setup.

Syncing after the first time configuration:

a Press the Mode button on the Xcaster, change Recording destination to Remote and click OK.

b To transfer the files from the Xcaster to the PC, go to Setup -> Settings and click "Sync to PC".


Important to know about PC syncing:

  • Remember to catalog the files located in the pixavi folder after each sync. This is because the sync process will potentially overwrite files from the previous transfers if these files share the same filename.
  • If you are transferring large video files, or a large quantity of picture files, the transfer can take several minutes. Please be patient.