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This is a tutorial for how to configure SIPIDO on your BARTEC PIXAVI device using HostedMobiles. After going through this guide, you will be able to make SIP video calls using SIPIDO. With a HostedMobiles SIPIDO addon, a device registered on the company's HostedMobiles account can have the SIPIDO SIP configurations administered from HostedMobiles. Press the screenshots to get a bigger image.

Associate the Impact X to HostedMobiles

If you have already associated your device with a HostedMobiles account, you can skip this step.

1. Create a HostedMobiles account by pressing "sign up" on

2. Log into your account on and navigate to "Associate Device" under the "Devices Tab"

3. Follow the instructions on the site to associate your BARTEC PIXAVI device with a HostedMobiles account

4. This step has been successful if your BARTEC PIXAVI mobile device shows up as a line item under the "Manage Devices" tab

Create and assign SIP address

5. Navigate to the Video Communication tab, press "Manage SIP users" and press "Manage Accounts"

6. Choose the "SIP Account" checkbox

7. Choose your desired SIP address name. This will be your vide conferencing "phone number". The extension/domain (last part of your "phone number") has already been chosen for you.

8. Press "Send Inn"

The extension/domain cannot be changed unless you create your own SIP Server, this SIP server setup will be another tutorial.

Creating SIPIDO profile

This SIPIDO profile will be stored on HostedMobiles and you can then ship this profile to your device. The SIPIDO profile contains some more configuration options such as bitrate, resolution and camera settings.

9. Press "Add SIPIDO profile" under "Video Communication"

10. Name your SIPIDO profile, for example, "SIPIDO profile for Your Name / Device Serial Number"

11. Choose your SIP Settings, typically you want to have "ANY" transport protocol, and choose the bitrate and resolution that fits your available bandwidth.

12. Press "Submit"

You have now created your first SIPIDO Profile. You will get a message that says "Success" and you will get the overview of the configurations you have chosen. This overview is available under "Manage SIPIDO Profiles". Please see some example settings by clicking the image on the right. These settings are now stored in HostedMobiles. The next steps is to send these configurations to your BARTEC PIXAVI Mobile Device and start using SIPIDO!

13. Navigate to "Device Profiles" and press "ADD"

14. Choose your Device Profile name

15. Under "SIP Server" choose "sipido"

16. Under "SIPIDO Settings" choose the name you chose in point number 10.

17. Press "Submit"

Leave the rest of the profile empty. The other configuration options is for other HostedMobiles Features.

Deploy to Impact X

18.Under "Device Profiles" Press Deploy"

19. Choose the Device Policy name you created

20. Choose the Associated BARTEC PIXAVI Mobile Device

21. Press "Deploy"

You get a "Success!" Message when the deployment has been successful

Verifying configuration

To double check that your BARTEC PIXAVI Mobile Device has recieved the settings, we go into the device view.

  • Press "Manage Devices" under "Devices"
  • Press your device name that you shipped the SIPIDO settings to
  • Press "Message Log" under the device view
  • Double check that the latest Message was a "New SIPIDO Account" and that the Status is "Sent"

Test call

Now it is time to test the SIPIDO account.

  • Open SIPIDO app on your BARTEC PIXAVI Mobile Device
  • Make sure you are not behind firewalls that will not allow two way video,

    SIPIDO uses the following ports: SIP ports 5060 and 5061, RTP/RTCP ports 7050-7053

  • If you are not "connected" try hitting "unregister" and then "register" in the SIPIDO app
  • In the "Call" field you can for example call our test virtual meeting room which is available 24/7
  • Type in and press call
  • If you did everything correctly you will be greeted "welcome to the conference you are the first participant". You have successfully made your first SIPIDO video call!

Next time when you are adding more SIP addresses for more devices, you do not need to go through all of the steps in the guide. Just create another HostedMobiles user (under "Users" and "New User"). When a new user is created, you can create a new SIPIDO user under "Video Communication"->"Manage SIP Users" ->"Manage Account" and follow the steps from step 5. NB! Each Mobile Device can only have one SIP address at a time. Each HostedMobiles users can also only have one SIP address.

Why should I use SIPIDO? Read more on the SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence app product page!