SIP configuration

SIPIDOs SIP settings can be remotely configured using or the SIP settings can be configured in the SIPIDO app itself. Using Collaboration X is recommended. More info on how to configure SIPIDO using Collaboration X can be found hereAlternatively, you can configure SIP in SIPIDO without using Collaboration X. Here is how you do it.

  1. Open the SIPIDO app on your Impact X or Gravity X device
  2. In SIPIDO you can swipe right until you find the “user” tab, here you can press “add”
  3. The settings can be added and saved. The settings are
    1. address: The full URI of the SIP client, e. g. ““
    2. server address: The address of the SIP server
    3. username: The authentication username of the SIP client (if needed)
    4. password: The authentication password of the SIP client (if needed)
  4. The device will use the credentials added and try to connect
  5. SIPIDO support Cisco / Tandberg VCS and it will be “online” in the “status” tab when it is registered


Here are some normal errors when setting up SIPIDO

  • Make sure the BARTEC PIXAVI Device is running the latest firmware, and is connected to an unrestricted network
  • If you are using a 3G connection, Wi-Fi tethering or a Wi-Fi modem from a mobile network operator, the SIP ports are often blocked. We have also seen that some ISPs are also blocking these ports. Check with your provider if the SIP ports 5060 and 5061, RTP/RTCP ports 7050-7053 are open or not. This can cause a situation where SIP registration works, but you cannot place a call. Some firewalls allow audio but not video.
  • For Orbit X configuration, use the Orbit X app on Impact X / Gravity X or configure using Collaboration X.

Let us know if you have any questions.