1) Make sure the Orbit X battery is charged to at least 30% capacity or more (we recommend 100%)

2) Connect the Orbit X to your internet enabled Wi-Fi network: https://www.pixavi.com/connect-orbit-x-wi-fi/, alternatively you can also use Collaboration X Initial Setup feature.

3) As soon as the Orbit X is connected to the Internet it will automatically download the lollipop software update. The file is 400 mb so it can take some minutes depending on your internet speed. Please be patient. The download will continue even if the Orbit X enters standby (with Yellow light blinking)

4) When download is complete, the Orbit X status led light will change to pulsating purple (See video below). This indicates that the update is currently being installed.

5) When the update is installed the LED status indicator will show a steady green light.

6) We recommend using the brand new Orbit X App to control and configure the Orbit X device. You can download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixavi.orbitx


7) NB! After the update the new "ready to use/ON" color LED on the Orbit X is now Green instead of yellow