Before using VLC, you should check the configuration in the Orbit X app. Check the Orbit X server, and make sure the "Always on RTSP server" is checked. You may also want to note the IP address of the Orbit X, as this is needed for opening a stream in VLC.

  1. To start a stream from the Orbit X to VLC, you first need to make sure it is not connected to the Orbit X app. This is because the device can only stream to one device, and if it is trying to stream to the app, it will reject requests from VLC.
  2. To start a stream in VLC, connect to the Orbit X IP address, and open a network stream with the parameters:
    rtsp://<orbit x IP>:1554
  3. You can add several parameters for adjusting the video stream. To change bitrate, add bitrate=<bitrate in kbps> in this way:
    rtsp://<orbit x IP>:1554?bitrate=<bitrate in kbps>
    If you skip the bitrate parameter, then the default bitrate is 2000 kbps. If you are in doubt about the network quality, then we suggest lowering it.
  4. You can also change the resolution by adding the parameter: resolution=<width>x<height>. We support the following resolutions:
    1080p (1920x1080)
    720p (1280x720)
    FWVGA (848x480)
    CIF (352x288)
    QCIF (176x144)

As an example, to stream CIF at 512 kbps from an Orbit X with IP, open: