You see a error message saying “check WiDRIVE disk” when trying to sync your media from The EX4000 to the WiDRIVE?

Try this:

  1. Remove USB cable from WiDRIVE 1.
  2. Power on the WiDRIVE 1.
  3. Connect your pc to the wireless network called WiDRIVE 1.
  4. Enter in your internet browser address field and press enter.
  5. Logon with the password: admin
  6. Select System setting
  7. Select Maintenance
  8. Select format

  9. Select OK (All data on the WiDRIVE 1 will be lost)
  10. The disk will now be formatted. Please wait until the process is complete
    When all the above is complete, please try to sync the Xcorder towards WiDRIVE 1 again.