Key improvements in this release:

      - CA certificate verification for EAP TLS WiFi networks.

      - EXIF metadata in JPEG image files.

      - Solved a problem with certain configuration settings missing after a firmware upgrade.

      - Fixed a bug that could the Xcaster not to stream video in SIP calls.

      - Fixed a bug causing SIP registration status in the Diagnostics screen to be wrong.

      - Fixed a bug in the WiFi IP settings that could cause Xcaster not to send out DHCP requests.

      - Fixed a problem with entering certain special characters in the web interface.

      - Modified an H.323 address format in registration requests, in order to avoid problems with certain Polycom endpoints.

      - Numerous stability fixes in SIP functionality.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Download the firmware file here:  
  2. Connect the power adaptor to the Xcaster and turn it on.
  3. On the Xcaster menu, press Setup->Diagnostics to find the camera's IP address.
  4. Enter the camera's IP address in the internet browser address field on your pc and press enter.
  5. Log in to the web page, and then log in as administrator (default passwords are blank).
  6. Select the settings tab and then select upgrade.
  7. Click the browse button, and locate the file you downloaded in step 1.
  8. When clicking send, the firmware file will be transferred to the Xcaster and “software upgrade in progress” will appear on the Xcaster screen.
  9. Do not operate the Xcaster until the process is complete and the unit reboots itself.


To verify the upgrade of the Xcaster, select setup > diagnostics and check that the firmware version has changed to