Upgrading to the latest software release is simple and user friendly with the included Software Update App. Simply click the 

icon and follow the on screen instructions.

Build #5597 (changes from Build #5537 - #5597)

Release Date: 28.02.2018

- Fixed pink tint in overexposed pictures
- Improved auto exposure quality
- Improved stability

Orbit X App:
- Improve live stream (RTSP) stability

- Improve general stability

Build #5537 (changes from Build #5485 - #5537)

Release Date: 18.10.2017

- Improved audio quality in calls (removed audio dropping and echo)
- Fixed issue seen on Vodafone networks.

- Fixed a issue where GPS on newer Impact Xs would stop the device from suspending.

- Fixed a issue where certain Mono based apps could crash on the Impact X/Gravity X.

Orbit X App:
- Added gallery feature

- Improved stability

Build #5485 (changes from Build #5449 - #5485)

Release Date: 19.07.2017

- Improved stability
- Improved standby battery life by about 3-5%

- Fixed a stability issue present in build 5449, which caused WiFi to drop in standby, and worst case even cause the device to reboot.

Impact X (4G):
- Fixed modem would sometimes not boot (causing "missing SIM")
- Fixed occasional crash when hanging up
- Fixed long SMSes (more than 160 char SMSes) not working on 4G modem
- Increased call voice volume by 7dB
- Fix echo cancellation not working properly
- Added optional louder ringtone
- Added support for SIM Toolkit
- Improved connection stability on networks where the 4G modem was not properly configured for that network

- Fixed app would not accept incoming calls if the Orbit X live stream (RTSP) was active.
- Fixed incompatibility with IPv6 DNS servers.

Collaboration X:
- Fixes DEVICE_NOT_FOUND error
- Fixes No Device info error in web UI

Build #5449 (changes from Build #5440 - #5449)

Release Date: 11.05.2017

- Updated with May Security patches

- Fix Camera flash could activate if user took picture while focusing, even if the user had disabled it.

- Improved stability of connection to SIP server.
- Fixed a bug that made it necessary to reboot the device if the connection was broken.
- Made sure the device re-registers to the SIP server whenever it goes out of standby.

Build #5440 (changes from Build #5415 - #5440)

Release Date: 28.04.2017

- Updated to 5. March Security Patches
- Improved stability on Impact X

- Fixed a possible issue with having Bluetooth and WiFI enabled
  at the same time on Impact X and Gravity Xs produced before mid-2015.

Collaboration X:
- Fix No information issue in web user interface

Orbit X App:
- Fixed various crashes

Build #5415 (changes from Build #5389 - #5415)

Release Date: 27.03.2017

- Updated with March security patches

- Fixed a problem regarding Wi-Fi reconnection while screen was switched off.
- Added setting to disable blacklisting of non-internet Wi-Fi networks.

Build #5389 (changes from Build #5360 - #5389)

Release date: 16.02.2017


- Updated with January and February security patches

Impact X

- Fixed 'Missing SIM' issue


- Fixed color correction issues


- Improve reliability when connected to WiFi networks
- Fixed bug when Sipido is connected to IPv6 networks
- Reject RTSP requests when Sipido is recording or streaming
- Updates necessary for the new Collaboration X PRO VMR to work properly

Build #5360 (changes from Build #5324 - #5360)

Release date: 30.12.2016

System Updates:

- Updated with December Security patches

- Improved stability


- Improved stability in Sipido and Orbit X App

- Sipido now supports checking DNS SRV records to locate SIP servers

Build #5324 (changes from Build #5293 - #5324)

Release date: 14.10.2016


- Update with 5. October security patches ( https://source.android.com/security/bulletin/2016-10-01.html )

System Updates:

- New System Update application with updated design, improved stability and change logs


- Fix reboot when opening camera if system is in a low RAM situation


- Improve stability

- Add support for DTMF on Impact X/Gravity X

- Added QCIF (256kbps, 15 fps) streaming mode

Impact X/Gravity X:

- Use rear microphone for video recording (this was the behavior on Jellybean, but not Lollipop)

Orbit X:

- Use bottom microphone for video recording

Build #5293 (changes from Build #5265 - #5293)

Release date: 22.09.2016

Notable changes:

- Updated with 06. September 2016 security patches from Google (link: http://source.android.com/security/bulletin/2016-09-01.html )

- Improve camera stability

Orbit X:

- Fix laser is blinking when long-pressing the torch button

- Add option in Orbit X app to enable continuous recording (by default limited to 10 minutes).


- Improve stability

- Auto-hide keyboard when in call

Build #5265 (changes from Build #5258 - #5265)

Release date: 24.08.2016



- Fixed "power off" problem. Sometimes when choosing "power off" in Android, the device did not shut down correctly.

Build #5258 (changes from Build #5242 - #5258)

Release date: 15.08.2016



- August 5th security patches implemented

- Improved system stability

Build #5242 (changes from Build #5227 - #5242)

Release date: 23.06.2016



- July 5th security patches implemented

- Live stream delay in Orbit X App is reduced when using a Impact X or Gravity X device

Build #5227 (changes from Build #593 - #5227)

Release date: 06.07.2016



- Improved security features

- Improved battery performance

- New Orbit X app

- Android for work

- Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)

- Advanced Encryption

- Smart Lock and Device Protection

- Multi User and Guest Mode

- Improved support for enterprise level Wi-Fi networks

- Monthly security updates

- Further upgrade path to Android M (6.0 Marshmallow) and Android N (7.0 Nougat)

- The majority of Samsung Knox technology is implemented in Android 5.1.1 and beyond

Build #593 (changes from Build #575 - #593)

Release date: 23.06.2016


- Improved modem stability

- Improved system stability

- Improved battery lifetime

- Required build for upcoming Lollipop build

- Improved camera focusing ability

Build #575 (changes from Build #574 - #575)

Release date: 19.01.2016

Orbit X Setup App:

- Fixes a bug where using the "Live Video Streaming" function would call yourself, instead of the Orbit X.

Build #574 (changes from Build #553 - #574)

Release date: 13.01.2016


- Improved camera autofocus in video chats (Skype and Hangouts)

- Bluetooth stability improvements

- Improved modem signal strength and data connection reporting

- Improved battery capacity reporting accuracy

Mobile Network:

The Impact X connects quicker to the cellular 3G network

Orbit X Setup App:

- Added new design to the connect Wizard 

- Implemented the call to Orbit X button


- Improved stability and performance

Build #553 (changes from Build #521 - #553)

Release date: 27.10.2015


- Various stability improvements (Kernel)

- Improved LED indication of battery charging status when booting into charge only mode


- Implemented fix for "Stagefright 2.0"

Mobile Network:

- Improved stability and performance

- Signal strength reporting is now quicker and more accurate


- Improved stability and performance


- HostedMobiles is now renamed to Collaboration X

- Stability improvements

Bug fixes:

- Firefox can now upgrade via Google Play

Build #521 (changes from Build #507 - #521) 

Release date: 30.07.2015


Added important security patch for improved "stagefright" security. More info here.


- Added "stagefright" security patch

Build #507 (changes from Build #474 - #507) 

Release date: 30.06.2015


In addition to various general stability and performance improvements, the following

issues have been addressed in the new SW version #507



- Added anti-flickr setting in Camera app

- Improved Camera app stability (fixed random crashes)

- Improved White Balance Performance

- Improved Auto Exposure Performance

- Front Camera : Fixed preview rotation issue on some of the market Apps


Mobile network

- Improved stability and performance

- Fixed problem with modem not working on encrypted devices

- Ensure correct handling of emergency numbers



- Enabled support for 802.11r fast transition roaming



- Fixed SIP-TLS bug causing unstable connection to SIP server

- Strongly improved WiFi roaming functionality

- Make sure incoming calls are rejected if Sipido is recording video

- Increase default Sipido video recording bitrate

- Improved Sipido user interface

- Automatically register to SIP server after receiving server configuration from Hosted Mobiles

- Fixed a bug that allowed Sipido to initiate a video call when no SIP address had been configured

- Clear Sipido decoder window at the end of a video call

- Fixed a bug that could cause Sipido to crash after receiving a HM policy

- Fixed a bug causing the first Sipido snapshot to be overexposed

- Fixed crash when exiting Sipido during call



- Added support for controlling deletion of images and video on Orbit X devices using Media Library

- Added support for Quick Setup of Orbit X devices without requiring Orbit X Setup application


Orbit X Config

- Added support for configuring Bluetooth Headsets

 -Added Battery indicator

- Added volume control

- Redesigned initial pairing wizard

- Support for pairing without requiring hotspot if Orbit X is on the same network as host device

- The application no longer changes the users hotspot SSID and password


- proximity sensor fix

- time going backward fix

- general stability and power savings

- improved battery time on encrypted devices

Build #474 (changes from Build #460 - #474)

Release date: 09.04.2015


- Improved camera autofocus performance

- Resolved the issue with occasional quick-zoom behaviour during video recording

- If the recorded video file exceeds 2GB the recording no longer stops. It automatically starts recording to a new file.

- Improved SIP video call performance when the device temporarily enters an area with poor WiFi network coverage, or loses network connection.

- Device now auto detects Bluetooth headset connection, and use Bluetooth if the user has connected a headset.

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug related to the daylight saving time setting

- Fixed an interoperability problem with incoming calls from Polycom HDX7000 endpoints with SRTP enabled.

- Fixed bug where a SIP video call would not disconnect in case of permanently lost network connection


HostedMobiles now features a better policy system allowing administrators to create policies containing device settings (such as WiFi networks, SIP configuration and password policy) and ship them to devices. HostedMobiles installs the policy in the background without needing the end-user to do anything (other than changing password if necessary) reducing ambiguity for the user and support for IT administrators. Administrators can easily build policies via the web interface at HostedMobiles.com. See blogpost at https://www.pixavi.com/news/blogs/hostedmobiles-update/

Build #460 (changes from Build #444 - #460)

Release date: 12.03.2015

New features

- SIPIDO now supports Bluetooth headset calls

- SIPIDO now supports audio only calls

- Microsoft Lync 2010: Lync options are shown by long pressing the AppSwitcher key (the button right of the Home button)


- Improved camera white balance accuracy

- Improved camera exposure accuracy

- Improved Bluetooth performance and stability

- Removed flicker on video recorded by camera

- Removed flicker during preview when using camera app

- Improved AE Stability

- Improved user interface and simplified menu of SIPIDO

- Improved SIPIDO stability

- Improved Standby battery life on Gravity X by ~250%

- HostedMobiles: Improved SIPIDO integration

- HostedMobiles: Added possibility to limit media library upload to specific WiFi networks

- Always accept 911 being an emergency number

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug where Bluetooth had difficulties pairing and communicating with some Bluetooth peripherals.

- Fixed a bug where the On/off widgets for WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS was no longer working

- Fixed Front (ear) speaker not working on Gravity X

- Fixed a bug where some devices would not be able to encrypt

Build #444 (changes from Build #417 - #444)

Release date: 16.01.2014


- Improved stability

- Improved battery time

- BACK button no longer starts the device

- Pixavi wallpaper is now available in the wallpaper selection menu

- Headset button presses will now be detectable in Android (pause/play music or accept/end call)

- Improved battery estimation

HostedMobiles (BETA)

- New Version of HostedMobiles released

- Requires users to re-associate devices. Log in to https://manage.hostedmobiles.com and scan the QR code.

- Add possibility to automatically upload images and video from device to HostedMobiles with simple File Manager to view the files.

- Improved connection stability and reduced battery usage

- Changed association system from username and password to scanning a simple QR code


- Improved stability

Bug Reporter application

- New application available when clicking Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time

- Used for support. Will upload device diagnostics information to Pixavi for review, in order to find issues on your device


- Stability improvements

- Packet loss improvements

- Add administration interface, will in future be controllable from HostedMobiles

- Sipido can now receive calls if the application is stopped or device is in standby

Build #416 (changes from Build #346 - #416)

Release date: 24.11.2014

New features

  - Made Laser controllable from Android using widgets

  - Enabled GPS

  - Enabled Googles Network Location Provider

  - Added preliminary demo versions of Hostedmobiles and Sipido


  - Improved battery life

  - Improved cellular network performance  

  - Set Firefox for Mobile as default browser

  - Added Manual ISO setting in Android camera app

  - Improved rear cameras exposure performance

  - Improved autofocus accuracy on rear cameras

  - Improved camera module calibration

  - Added new startup animation

  - implemented BARTEC PIXAVI wallpaper and styling

  - Added new icons for all BARTEC PIXAVI apps

Bug fixes

  - Fixed pulsating exposure in camera preview (when camera was exposed to bright light)

  - Fixed hidden menu elements in Android camera app when using flipscape