The Pixavi Cam is a dedicated camera product, and as such do not have all the same features as a smartphone. One such missing feature is Google Mobile Services (GMS). GMS is a collection of the most popular Google applications, including the Google Play Store (where most Android smartphone users download apps)..

While Google Play is the most popular Android app store, it’s not the only one. Since Pixavi Cam supports WiFi and comes with a pre-installed web browser, users can freely choose to download alternative app stores. There are certain risks and disadvantages associated with using alternative app stores, including, but not limited to:

  1. Security - alternative app stores often have an increased risk of malware

  2. Many apps are not available in alternative app stores

  3. Apps who rely on integrations with popular Google services (such as Google maps) will not work on Pixavi Cam

  4. Google apps will not work, even if found on alternative app stores

Lastly, Android applications (filetype APK), can also be 'sideloaded' onto the device - meaning a direct installation without downloading through an app store. A disadvantage with this (beyond the ones listed above), is that you will miss out on updates, as these are only automatic if downloaded through an app store.

If users choose to use alternative app stores or sideload APK's, they do so at their own risk. BARTEC will take no responsibility for any damages caused by third-party software.