Streaming methods

The Orbit X is a stand-alone camera that supports two video streaming standards, SIP and RTSP: 

  1. The device has a built in SIP client, which allows the device to operate as a completely independent video conferencing endpoint, with two-way audio. It can register on any standard SIP server, including our Collaboration X PRO solution. Configuring is done via our free Collaboration X solution.
  2. The Orbit X runs an RTSP server.  A client on a local network can start a one-way stream from the camera, as long as the RTSP client knows the IP address of the Orbit X. Read more about this here:

If you want to stream to a participant at a different location, and on a different network, then the best option is to use a SIP server. If there is no internet connection available, or the Orbit X is only going to stream to a device on the same local network, then streaming to via RTSP or calling via IP addresses may be better options.

Connecting to a SIP server

The Orbit X can register to any standard SIP server. The device must know:

  1. The network address of the server
  2. The SIP URI of the Orbit X camera
  3. Authentication username and password

For customers who don’t have their own video conferencing infrastructure, we offer our Collaboration X solution. This provides the user with a SIP server account and a virtual meeting room where the Orbit X can dial in. The same meeting room can then be accessed from another participant, via a web browser or from Skype. More information here: